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Ushuru investment co-operative society Ltd (UIC) was registered on 3rd July, 2013 as a supplementary Investment Body for members of Ushuru Sacco and any other person who qualifies to join. 
The main objective of the Investment  Co-operative is to give members opportunity to own land and residential houses at affordable prices and to pool their resources together for profitable investment ventures.
Benefit of the UIC
By joining the UIC Society, members will :
    • Promote saving culture and discipline.
    • Receive dividends on profit realized from UIC activities.
    • Have preferential terms to purchase of land and or houses undertaken by UIC.
    • Enjoy priority allocation to land and houses development undertaken by UIC.
What happens to membership at Ushuru Sacco when I join UIC
Membership of Ushuru Sacco and UIC are mutually exclusive. Prospective members are at liberty to join UIC so long as it does not prejudice existing membership at Ushuru Sacco.   
Qualification for Membership to UIC
They have to meet any one of the following conditions:
    • Employees of Kenya Revenue. Authority
    • Employees of Ushuru Investment Co-operative Society.
    • Any other members as may be approved by the Annual Delagates meeting.


Core Values

Team Work






Address : Nairobi Office(Headquarter), Forodha House, 2nd Floor, Wing B, 52072-00200 Nairobi.

Landline : 020-2719660