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The Society strives to promote savings amongst its members and the minimum contribution is Ksh.2,000 or 5% of the member basic salary whichever is higher per month towards the monthly deposits. These deposits may be used as collateral against borrowings from the Society and shall only be refunded when a member withdraws from membership and provided the member has fully repaid all his debts and is free from guarantee.

Non-withdrawable deposits shall be refundable within sixty days after receiving a written notification from the member. Interest on deposits shall be paid at a rate that shall be approved at the ADM at the end of the year after audit has been completed. The interest may be eliminated if the financial position of the Society and capital adequacy does not permit payment.

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Address : Nairobi Office(Headquarter), Forodha House, 2nd Floor, Wing B, 52072-00200 Nairobi.

Landline : 020-2719660