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Ushuru Sacco Society has partnered with CIC Insurance Group to offer the following insurance products to members at discounted rates of 4%.

   1. Motor Private Insurance

Private motor Insurance covers you from the risks associated with the roads risks.


    • Comprehensive Cover - Property coverage, for damage to or theft of the car.
    • Third Party Cover - Liability coverage, for the legal responsibility to others for bodily injury or property damage.
    • Personal Accident - Coverage, for the cost of treating injuries, rehabilitation and sometimes lost wages funeral expenses through accidental means.

Covers offered to:

    • Private Vehicles - private, self-drive, chauffer driven
    • Commercial Vehicles - Lorries, pick-ups etc.


    • Copy of the logbook
    • PIN number
    • Completing of the proposal form
    • NCD letter or Renewal notice from previous company

   2. Domestic Package Insurance

This is an attractive comprehensive package for homeowners and occupiers. It provides members with benefits of 6 policies in a single packages, which include cover for buildings, household contents, moveable and personal items , domestic servants, owner's liability and occupier's liability.

   3. Life and Medical Insurance

This product covers family health insurance (In-Patient cover), corporate Medisure (In-patient covers) & corporate out-patient cover.

   4. Personal Accident Cover

This product is designed to provide members with financial help in the event of a serious accident or injury.


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