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 Our Committment.

  • To ensure personal growth through the introduction of new products and services that will promote the economic base of the members.
  • To ensure progress of members and Sacco through continuous education programs on savings and proper use of credit, reduction of poverty, human dignity and co-operation.
  • To carry out investments which should: -
  • Increase the volume of output to the Society.
  • Improve and maintain a health liquidity position.
  • Increase the level of surplus to the Society.

 In the event of experiencing any difficulty in obtaining services of the society, please ask to see the C.E.O

Our Core Values

  • Team Work: The Management Board, Staff and members work as a team and have a unity purpose
  • Integrity: The Management Board, staff shall observe professional ethics and maintain integrity while conducting the the affairs of the soociety
  • Professionalism: Members are served by well-qualified and experienced staff in a diligent manner.
  • Quality: The SACCO offer products and services of high standards.
  • Efficiency: The Society shall strive to ensure services to members and its general operations to meet the highest level of efficiency.


Core Values

Team Work






Address : Nairobi Office(Headquarter), Forodha House, 2nd Floor, Wing B, 52072-00200 Nairobi.

Landline : 020-2719660