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Rights, Obligations and Qualifications for membership

Right Of Members
Members are entitled but not limited to: ,

    • Receive, periodically and regularly, or upon request, and at least once a year, a statement of the Member's Accounts.
    • Attend and participate at the branch general meetings. Each Member shall have one vote irrespective of the share holding.
    • Elect or be elected as officer of the Society, unless otherwise prohibited by any other law or where specifically disqualified by these By-laws.
    • Use the Society services according to the policies and procedures approved by the Management Committee,
    • Submit projects or initiatives to the Committee, for the improvement of the Society services.
    • Other rights as prescribed by the Act and Rules
    • Provided that a member who qualified for Membership into the Society by virtue of his or her employment with the Society shall not be eligible for election to any organ, Committee or office of the Society save that of his or her employment.

Members Obligations.
Members of the Society are obliged to: ,

    • Be represented at Delegates Meetings.
    • Show a good Co-operative spirit
    • Inform non - members and encourage them to join.
    • Bring out problems affecting the Society and look for solutions
    • Attend Educational Meetings and Seminars organized by the Society or other organization approved by the Management Committee.
    • Make use of the services of the society as stated in the objectives of the society.
    • Comply with the By-laws of the society, the Co-operative Societies Act, Rules and Resolutions of the Delegates Meetings.

Qualification For Membership.

A person shall be eligible for membership if he/she has the following qualifications:

    • Is an ordinary resident in Kenya.
    • Is not less than 18 years of age
    • Has not been convicted of a criminal offence involving fraud or dishonesty.
    • Is not a member of any similar savings and credit co-operatives society during the tenure of his/her membership.
    • Is within the field of membership of employees of KRA, Government ministries, or other Parastatal and their spouses.
    • Is not directly or indirectly, a moneylender or carrying out such activities detrimental to the objectives of the Sacco.
    • Is of good character.

Application For Membership:

Every applicant for membership shall complete an Application for membership form. This form shall be drawn so as to show all the information required for the purpose of registration of members.

Admission into Membership

An applicant shall be admitted into membership on application and payment of an entrance fee of Kshs 500/= and purchased at least 500 Shares of Kshs. 20/= each or such other minimum shares as shall be fixed by the delegates Meeting from time to to time.


Core Values

Team Work






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