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                              Welcome to Ushuru Sacco                                          

Ushuru Savings and Credit Co-operative (Sacco) Limited was formed in 1970 by employees of the then Customs and Excise Department, Ministry of Finance, under the name of Customs & Excise Workers (CUEW) Sacco. At inception, its membership was limited to employees of the Customs Department, although those who were transferred from Customs to other Government Departments were allowed to retain their membership.

When Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) was formed in 1995, the CUEW Sacco By-laws, in force at the time, did not allow recruitment of members outside the common bond. This necessitated changes to the By-laws in order to allow membership from other Government Ministries and Parastatals. In 2002, the CUEW Sacco changed its name to USHURU Sacco Limited to reflect the new all-inclusive membership that now consisted of KRA employees.


                                            Our Mission

To provide timely and convenient innovative, competitive, affordable as well as accessible products and services


                                        Our Vision

To be a leading world class preferred and trusted SACCO in the provision of unique, quality and highly efficient services to members.


                                      Our Objective

To promote the interest and welfare of members accordance with co-operative principles and values.



                                       Huduma Marudufu



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